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My NWSL 2014 awards

Golden Boot (Kim Little #NWSLGB)

Rookie of the Year (Crystal Dunn #NWSLROY)

 Goalkeeper of the Year (Hope Solo #NWSLGOY)

Defender of the Year (Ali Krieger #NWSLDOY)

Coach of the Year (Laura Harvey #NWSLCOY)

MVP (Kim Little #NWSLMVP)

Best XI (GK: Solo -D: Krieger - Sauerbrunn - Reed-Catley M: Boquete-Little- Fishlock- F: Rodriguez-McDonald-J. Taylor- #NWSLBestXI 4-3-3)

When people think that because you’re nice to them, you are hitting on them

I find this really funny. You meet someone, somewhere, you are nice (naturally and genuinely) because you’re just like that. Then, the next thing you know, people accuse you of hitting on someone. The problem is, you are in a committed relationship and you don’t want to hurt your significant other because you love her/him. 

Well, let me tell you: if you don’t want people to be nice in this crazy world, keep being weird like that. When people are rude, you say they are rude. When people are nice, you say they are hitting on you. Damn it, what do you want, you crazy person in need of attention?

Yeahh, I know: you want to be submerged by rude people, fake people and gossipers. 

That was my friday burst,

Have a nice one,



And Jill Ellis said to Washington

Fuck your defence!

Seriously though, Krieger, Dunn and Harris while we’re pushing for the playoffs?

The game is Aug. 20th, our last match for playoffs is Aug.16. Jill won’t call the players before they clinch the spot. Do not worry :) But to be fair, the playoff itself will be hard after a Aug. 20th match, 2-3 days of training and a semi final. 


The Devanna 1v1 on Hope Solo would have been a goal on grass and I was pleased to hear Seattle commentators point that out. That could have been the difference between the Washington Spirit clinching a spot in the playoffs. In WC2015, a spin like that due to the turf could be the difference between walking away with gold, silver, or nothing at all.

LDV should have just strike instead of advancing so much with the ball. Turf or grass is a control variable not a principal. The fault is in our LDV

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